Mudslides and Flooding

Erosion Control

  • Preserve existing vegetation (trees, grass, etc.) where possible since the roots system offers soil strength
  • Divert storm water away from exposed areas where possible
  • Revegetate sites that lack vegetation currently
  • For downslopes install a slit fence or straw bails to trap sediment
  • On upslope sides, place diversions around stockpiles


Mudslides and Flooding

In some of the sloped areas of Indonesia, mudslides and flooding are common. Preventing measures should be taken to protect the building openings and walls and foundations. Materials such as mulch, sand, and plywood are readily available and are very inexpensive.

  • Debris and sediment should be directed between buildings through a clear path.
  • Sandbags should be used for diversion in front of buildings and important structures
  • Plastic sheets should be situated along with the sandbags or plywood barriers to prevent the water or mud from entering the property.
  • Sandbags should be situated along the sides of the buildings for debris protection.
  • Windows and doors facing the flow should be boarded with a protective wall of plywood.
  • Debris and other flow should be directed away from the building itself and from neighbors.

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