Rebar (Reinforcing Steel)

Rebar a steel reinforcing rod that is commonly used in concrete. Of all the ways in which metals are likely to be used in building construction, this is certainly one. Rebar greatly strengthens concrete floors, pillars, columns, and the like. Rebar helps control concrete cracking.

Tied Rebar Cages

When rebar is used for strength in foundations, walls and other structures that call for reinforced concrete, it often entails multiple pieces or segments that are tied together. Often, a metal hooking tool or a simple pair of pliers is use to bend and cut wire that is wrapped around the rebar connection points. Some types of ties used include saddle ties, figure eight ties, or single ties. A useful source is Concrete Construction's Types of Rebar Ties article (downloadable pdf).

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A good source to learn some options for tying rebar is Wikihow's How to Tie Rebar.

Oxidation & Rebar Rust Creep

If rebar is not fully contained on all sides within the surrounding concrete, then moisture can reach the metal. Over time, this causes rust which compromises the rebar's strength.

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To prevent corrosion, sealers can be used but the best defense is it have it watertight. There are several sealers available including epoxy coatings, acrylic sealers, silane sprays, and linseed oil emulsions.

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